The Nature and Significance of Eid-ul-Fitr

Hadith (saying of the Prophet Muhammad - p.b.o.h.)

The following Hadith (saying of the Prophet Muhammad - p.b.o.h.) allows one to fully understand the nature and significance of the occasion:

On the morning of Eid, Allaah sends down the Malaa'ikah (Angels) to all the lands of the earth
where they take their positions, calling out (with a voice that is heard by all except men and jinns)
"O Ummaah (followers) of Muhammad (p.b.o.h.) come forth
from your houses towards a Lord that is Noble and Gracious,
who grants much and pardons major sins."

And when the followers of Muhammad (p.b.o.h.) proceed forward towards the places for their Eid prayers,

Allaah says again to the Angels:
'What indeed is the reward for that servant (employee) who has rendered his services?'

The Angels then reply:
"O, our Lord and Master, it is only right that he should receive his reward in (full) measure."

Allaah then says

"I call you to witness, O Malaa'ikah, that for their having fasted for Me during the month of Ramadaan, and for their having stood before Me in prayer by night, I have granted to them as reward My Pleasure, and have granted them forgiveness. My servant, ask now of Me and I swear by My Honour and Greatness, that whatsoever you shall beg of Me this day in this assembly of yours for the needs of your Hereafter, I shall grant you; and whatsoever you shall ask for your worldly needs, I shall look at you favourably. By my Honour, do I swear, as long as you obey my commands, I shall never disgrace you among evil-doers and dis-believers. Depart now from here; you are forgiven; You have indeed pleased Me and I am pleased with you."

'The Malaa'ikaah, on seeing this great reward bestowed on the Ummah of Muhammad, become greatly pleased and happy.'


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