Virtues of Darood Shareef

Darood Shareef is an invocation we make to Allaah to bestow his choicest Favours and Blessings on the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.). It is a kind of prayer. The truth is that after Allaah, the greater obligation on us is that to the sacred Holy Prophet (S.A.W.).


He underwent tremendous hardships and endured the bitterness of persecutions in order to convey the Divine Guidance to us. Had he not borne these trials and sufferings the light of faith would never have reached us. We would be dwelling in the gloom of apostasy (giving up one’s faith) and making our home in hell after death.


Since faith (Imam) is the greatest blessing on earth and we have attained it solely (only) through the merciful agency of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.), our greatest benefactor next to Allaah, is the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). There is nothing we could do to pay back the enormous debt of gratitude  we owe Him. We can only pray for Him to Allaah, as a token of our loyalty and gratefulness.


But what prayer can we make that may be worthy of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.)? Naturally none besides that Allaah may magnify him and bless him with his choicest favours. This is just what Darood Shareef is.


The Holy Qur’aan clearly enjoins on us to offer the Darood Shareef, and in what a wonderful manner does it do so. Whenever the following verse is heard it is necessary to recite Darood Shareef immediately after.





“Allaah and His angels send blessings on the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) O ye that believe. Send ye blessing on Him with all respect”. (Ch. 38. V. 56)









O Allaah, Glorify Mohammad (S.A.W.) and his descendants (children) as you sent your blessings on Abraham (A.S.) and his descendants (children), Verily, you are the praise worthy and the glorious.


O Allaah, Glorify Mohammad (S.A.W.) and his descendants as you glorified Abraham (A.S.) and his descendants. Undoubtedly you are the praise worthy and the glorious.


This Darood Shareef is called Darood-E-Ibrahim, which is recited in the Namaaz or Salaat and considered the best of Darood.


When Allaah created Prophet Adam (A.S.) He ordered His angels to prostrate before Him but Allaah never addressed anyone with the comment: “Do as I do”.


This singular honour was only reserved for Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.). Allaah asked the Muslims to offer Darood Shareef to the great Holy Prophet of Islam by saying that Allaah and His angels offer Darood Shareef to the Messenger of Allaah, and the Muslims should do accordingly. This unique honour has been reserved only for our beloved Holy Prophet (S.A.W.).


The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) is reported to have said:


“He who will send blessings on me once, Allaah will confer (grant) ten favours on him, and Allaah will forgive him ten sins and will raise his position ten times higher”.


There are many angels of Allaah whose special duty is that they keep on moving in the world. And which ever follower of mine send blessings on me they convey it to me at once.


Gracious is the Lord, our Darood is communicated to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) by the angels and through it, we get a chance of being mentioned in his presence. What greater honour could there be for us, really?


Ibn Massood (Rd.A) reported that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) has said:


“Undoubtedly the person who recites Darood Shareef many times for me will be closest to me on the Day of Resurrection”.


“That man is a miser in whose presence my name is taken and he failed to offer the Darood. May he be disgraced in whose presence my name is taken and he failed to offer the Darood Shareef”.


Allamma-Sakhaawi has narrated this Hadees of Rasoolullaah in the Qawle-Bad, that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) had once said:


“Three persons will be sheltered on the Day of Judgment under Allaah’s Arsh (Throne) without which there will be no other shelter on that day:


(1) The person who comes to the rescue of an afflicted (troubled) human being.


(2) The person who revives a Sunnat.


(3) The person who recites regularly Darood Shareef for me”.



It is quoted in ‘Zadua-As-eed’ on the authority of Tibaraani, that the Messenger of Allaah (S.A.W.) had said:


“Whoever writes in his book Darood Shareef for me, so long as that book remains in existence, the angels will always send Darood on that person”.


According to Tibraani again the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) assured the person who sends Darood Shareef every morning and evening ten times on the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) that person’s Sha-Faa’ at (recommendation for salvation) will be in that person’s favour on the Day of Judgment (Qayaamat).


Amaar-Ib-Yaasir (Rd.A) reported that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) had once said:


“Allaah has permanently deputed (appointed) one of His angels at the tomb of Rasoolulaah (messenger of Allaah) whose duty is to listen to the Darood of every Muslim that is addressed to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and convey its information to the messenger of Allaah along with the name of the father of the sender of Darood Shareef. This function will be continued till the Day of Judgment and the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) will continue to receive this information from his Ummat (nation)”.


Abu Hurairah (Rd.A) reported that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said:


“Whoever offers Darood to me standing at my tomb, I hear and receive it myself, and that which is addressed to me from a distance is conveyed to me providently (providing for the future)” (Mish-Katul-Masabih).


Hazrat Ayeshah (Rd.A) reported that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said:


“When anyone of my Ummat sends Darood on me an angel convey it to Allaah, Who orders His angel to the grave of that person after his death, which will be a source of forgiveness to that person”.


Abu Hurairah (Rd.A) reported that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said:


“The Darood Shareef which a Muslim sends to me will become light at the time of his crossing the Ful-E-Sirat (bridge across Hell) on the Day of Judgment and whoever will recite Darood for me eighty (80) times on Friday, his sins of eighty (80) years will be pardoned by Allaah”


Allama Zarqaani (Rd.A) has said in his Sharah-Muwahib that the object of saying Darood Shareef is to seek closer affinity (relationship) with Allaah through the medium of Darood Shareef.


Ahmad Yamani (Rd.A) said that he saw a big crowd around a person when he was in Sana (capital of Yemen). When he enquired about the matter he was told that the person was a very good Qaari (well versed in Holy Qur’aan). Once he was reciting the Holy Qur’aan and when he reached at this verse he recited.






“Allaah and His angels shower blessings on Allaah the Prophet”.


Instead of reciting:






“Allaah and His angels shower blessings on the Prophet”.


Allaah punished him for distorting (changing) the words of the Holy Qur’aan by making him deaf, dumb and blind and afflicted him with leprosy.


May Allaah save us from committing any disgraceful act in respect to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.).. Sometimes we do not care about our words sue to our ignorance.


(Taken from Virtues of Darood Shareef by Moulana Zakariyya).


The reciter of Darood Shareef will find himself in the coveted  company of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) on the Day of Judgment. Darood Shareef gives protection to its reciter from all evils in this world and becomes a carrier of all goods things to him in the hereafter.


May Allaah grant us opportunity and zeal to devote our lives completely to reciting Darood Shareef for our beloved and honoured Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam). Ameen.

Allaah knows best





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