Islamic Poems

A Muslim's Prayer (Suurah Faatihah)

By S.A. Sattaur (Written in Arabic Metric)


With all my heart, with all my soul

I love; I praise Thee, Lord of all.

Allaah, my one and only God,

This is my faith, this is my call.

Creation shows Thy wondrous signs,

Why should we search for miracles?

A blade of grass – wonderment

Which human art can ne’er approach.

Thy Providence for everyone,

To which none has a right;

Thy table shows no precedence

For yellow, red, or black or white;

All that we need, all that we want,

Thy Bounty has supplied around,

Tenfold rewards for one good act -

Thy countless blessings have no bounds.

Thou art the Lord of Judgment Day,

To pardon sin we crave Thy Grace;

We worship Thee, and for Thy Help

To Thee alone we turn our face.

Guide us in paths direct and right,

The paths of those who have been blessed,

But not of those who earn Thy Wrath,

And not of those who are misled.


(The End)





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