Islamic Poems

An Ode to Prophet Muhammad

By Saied Sanjalvi

O! Thou noblest of the tie.

O! Thou highest of the high.

O! Thou merciful of the lot.

Thou art truly our Prophet.


Muhammad! Ah! How well that beloved name

Seems to recall fame unfurl’d.

Ya Rasuulullaah, our dearest friend and guide,

May Allaah’s eternal blessings with thee abide.


O! Fragrant flower that ever on earth did bloom,

None to match thee, in divine beauty and perfume.

You preached the doctrine of Divine Guidance,

And taught us to create love, peace and confidence.


Faithful, sincere, and most saintly mien,

All called thee the Trusty, the Al Ameen.

You preached not only the Oneness of the Lord,

But also his universality, you proclaimed God.


May Allaah shower His choicest blessing

On Prophet Muhammad and his family,

May thy memory inspire

New moral energy in the world entire.


(The End)





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