Islamic Poems

The Seal of The Prophets (s.a.w.)

By Abu Shams

Holy Prophet Muhammad: so good and kind

Was sent as a Mercy unto all mankind;

The world still echoes with his clarion Call

That God is only One and is the Lord of us all;

Holy Prophet Muhammad so Noble and Bright

Brought millions of Souls from darkness into Light.

He gave the final Message of God’s unity

 That God is the Lord and there is no Trinity.


Holy Prophet Muhammad: so gentle and strong

Commands us to do good and not to do wrong.

In the Holy Qur’aan there is proof most ample

“Verily in the Apostle, you have the Most Excellent Example”.

Holy Prophet Muhammad: so faithful and true

No other Prophet will come after you.

:Last of the Prophets, you are the Chosen Seal

Against this claim there is no right of appeal. 


Holy Prophet Muhammad: Peace and Blessings be upon thee

On all the Prophets and on thy Progeny.

With you Islam was brought to perfection.

We implore your intercession on the Day of Resurrection.


(The End)





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