Islamic Poems


By Dr. Wahid Ali

The moon is bright, the breeze is calm,

A softness sweet pervades the air;

And joyous chirps and sweetest songs

Do usher in our Eid this year.


In every home – or meek or grand –

A sacred happiness is felt;

And everyone through this grand day

Is merry, equal and content.


The Holy Fast is over now,

And everyone is satisfied;

To know that through this sacred month

By lofty teachings he did abide.


And so to Eid-ul-Fitr prayers

The king, the beggar – old and young,

All wend their way with easy steps,

A glorious praise is to be sung.


And lo! In scented atmosphere

With turbans bright and crescents gay,

In spirit of fraternity,

The faithful join their hands to pray.


“Allaahu Akbar” one and all

In unison give thanks and pay

Their gratitude for being so blessed

To see this Eid-ul-Fitr day.


The poor, the beggar and infirm

Do share of Islam’s bounties all,

For in this universal creed

We are all brothers – great or small.


And after prayers and many thanks,

And charity and all deeds good;

A moment of reflection show

The beauties of our brotherhood.


Oh Allaah! How can mortals say

With equal force with which they feel,

The depth of gratitude they owe

To you and the “All Prophet’s Seal.”


Do guide us in the path that’s straight,

By no means let us go astray;

And finally bless us to see

Another Eid-ul-Fitr day.


(The End)





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