Islamic Poems

Eid Greetings

By Zulfiqar A. M. Khan

Eid Mubbarrak! Eid Mubarrak!

O’ Muslims o’er the land:

Eid Mubarrack! Eid Mubarrack!

Extend a helping hand.


Eid Mubarrack!  Eid Mubarrack!

On this beloved occasion;

Eid Mubarrack! Eid Mubarrack!

Enriched with salutations.


This is indeed a day of prayer,

And joyful celebration

A day we always should endear,

With heartfelt dediication.


This is indeed of Allaah’s Will

In Whom we place our trust;

A God Who’s active, yet is still,

And Who forbids sheer lust.


Eid brings an end of one month’s fasting,

With practised self-restraint;

With benefits both rich and lasting

To sinner or to saint.


So blessed Eid to one and all,

To white, red, brown or black:

While paying heed to Alllaah’s Call

Let’s all say:



(The End)





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