Islamic Poems

Muslim Equality

By The Hon. Lord Headley

Dear Father, ‘twas Thy loving care

Which did into our minds instill

The love for all Thy creatures here

And made us seek to do Thy Will.


When we our anthems raise to Thee,

When foes around press us sore,

O may we seek Thy face to see,

And learn to love Thee more and more.


O Father, may we live in Thee,

Do Thou our loving hearts enshroud,

We long Thy Loveliness to see,

When we have to Thy wishes bowed.


“Tis not alone in open fight

In which we prostrate fall to Thee,

But it is when we do the RIGHT –

The outcome of Thy Majesty.


At certain times we fall before

Thy mercy seat that Thou hast raised,

And then we do Thy name adore

And seek to see Thee loved and praised.


The King and beggar side by side

Sing the glad song of gratitude,

For Thou dost love them both the same

And giv’st them Thy Beatitude.


With Christ, Moses and Mahomet,

Who gave to us Thy message sweet,

O! may our steps towards Thee be set

And long Thy loving arms to greet.


(The End)





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