Islamic Poems


By Anonymous

Real Unity of God and Man

That comes of love and truth,

Revealed to us in Al Qur-aan,

Which is for us the rule of life.


The essence of Islam is PEACE

That springs from knowledge true

Which will in ages never cease,

But spread through nations wide.



Faith of Divine Simplicity,

Naught ‘twixt man and his God;

No priesthood, but equality

Of man, in one grand brotherhood.


A vast and wondrous brotherhood

Of every race and land,

It swelleth like a mighty flood,

All merged in it will be.


There Allaah the Compassionate,

The Lord by all adored,

From early morn till evening late

Is praised five times by all.


Allaah the Nourisher of all,

Most Wonderful, Most Kind,

Hears ever there His faithful call,

“Bismillah ar-Rahmaan.”


(The End)





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