Islamic Poems

A Striver after the Truth of Islam

By Ameena, an English Lady

I stretch out my hands in wonder

At the beautiful beyond

Of a really true religion

For which I have always longed.


Its poetry of expression,

Its Divine simplicity,

Its splendid golden teachings

Are what have taken hold of me.


Oh faithful, gracious Prophet,

Let me have my humble say –

E’en with the little knowledge

I have gained from you today. 


Every day fresh revelations

Are for me I feel in store –

May I follow in your footsteps

And love Islam more and more.


Gracious Allaah, hear entreaty

From a wanderer sad and lone,

Open wide the doors of Islam,

In its shelter find my home.


May I help to swell the numbers

Of Islam great and vast –

Where life’s sad and changing music

Shall be harmony at last.


(The End)





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