Islamic Poems

The Sacrifice of Hazrat Abu Bakr

By Ghazy bin Subh-o-Mujahid

One day to his disciples the Prophet did say,

The rich among you must give in God’s way.

On hearing this command, ‘Umar did go

For he then had a million dinars or so.

He thought this time he would surely succeed

In giving away more than Siddiq indeed.

Then before the Prophet much wealth he laid,

An exemplary sacrifice had been made!


Then to him, said the Prophet in a praising voice:

“O, you who in donating to us so rejoice;

Have something you kept for your family?

For a Muslim to his relatives must also see.”

Said he: “Half the wealth is the children’s right,

The rest I have brought to strengthen our might.” 


In the meantime that friend of the Prophet did arrive

From whose name, Faith’s roots strength do derive.

With him he had brought a very large store

Of valuable things which his house did adore,

His land and his gold, plus his goods and his chattels,

Horses and asses, and flocks of camels.


When the Prophet asked: “What kept you for your own?”

Gave the answer that stalwart in an humble tone:

“From thee do the stars and the moon get light,

For me satisfaction comes from thy sight. 

As a moth needs light, and the bird a flower bud,

So for Siddiq enough is the Apostle of God.”


(The End)





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