Islamic Poems

Hymn of Praise

By El Faruq

The deepest love for Thee and Thine

Refulgent in my heart will shine;

Thy slightest wish shall ever be

My care throughout Eternity.


Thou art my God, my Love, my King;

Without Thee could not anything

I now enjoy be mine today,

And I should not have lived to say –


“O Blessed God, Almighty King,

Open Thy heart and let me in;

I know Thy Grace, Thy Power, Thy love

Altho’ Thou dwellest in Heaven above.


“Thy glorious prophets, led by love,

Directly sent from Heaven above,

Did strive to show that only one

Great God above in Heaven shone.


“With Moses, Christ and Mahomet,

O may our steps towards Thee be set;

Of mortal birth, they all proclaim,

Thy one eternal, glorious Name.


“And when of life is known the source,

Dark evil will have run its course;

No mysteries will then appear,

For we shall be with God most dear.


“Death then no more shall touch with fears

Our hearts, or from our eyes draw tears;

Great Allaah, God our Lord and King,

Will banish every thought of sin.


“Jehovah, Father, we must now

Record the noblest human vow

 To struggle here as Michael strove

Successfully in Heaven above.”


(The End)





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