Islamic Poems

The Arab Chant

By Sir Nizamat Jung

Arabia lay entombed in night;

 Beam from Heaven revealed 

Islam, a sword of living light,

Islam, the spirit’s shield.


A Prophet in our midst arose,

Whose voice to God appealed:

”Allaah! Thy Grace high gifts bestows,

Let Islam be our shield!”


We woke beyond the desert sand

The wide world was our field.

The sword of faith was in our hand,

With Islam for our shield.   


And when we marched across the world,

That sword of faith to wield,

Islam the Flag of Peace unfurled

High o’er its blazoned shield.


We dared – and rose to heights unknown

Of power which ne’er would yield

Save to the Will of God alone,

While Islam was its shield.


We fought for faith in love, not hate,

And Faith this vision revealed;

Mankind _ one nation good and great,

With Islam for its shield.


Our pact of love and brotherhood

With faith and honour sealed.

True champions of Right we stood,

With Islam for our shield.


Years rolled, time saw our glories fade;

We sink ‘neath grace repealed.

Our power with righteous will decayed

Though Islam was our shield.


We sank, and sank - to rise again

Till Fate to us shall yield

The skill to wipe each rusty stain

Off Islam’s dented shield!

To God alone all glory, power;

To Him alone we’ve kneeled.

‘Tis ours to scorn misfortune’s hour

While Islam is our shield.

Proud of our past, in freedom strong,

No power shall see us yield.

We fear no proud oppressor’s wrong

While Islam is our shield.


(The End)





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