Islamic Poems

A Call to Islam

By Anonymous

Allaah is the One and only God,

Most Gracious, Most Merciful is our Lord.

Prophet Muhammad was sent to you

With religion clear and true.


Islam teaches love and brotherhood.

Prophet Muhammad made this understood.

Many messengers God sent before

Their message you must not ignore.


Qur-aan the Holy Book is a guide

In all material and spiritual tide.

Islam is the religion for one and all.

Pay ye heed to the truthful call.


Rich and poor before God are one.

Black and white have difference none.

Peace and prosperity if you want

Ask Allaah, He will to you grant.


If you feel lost and in need

Qur-aan will give you peace and light

Will guide you straight and right.

If many things to you are unknown

You will find them in Qur-aan shown.


Justice for all teaches Islam.

Nobody you are allowed to harm.

Love you must and not hate

Love is the key to Heaven

You will find them in Qur-aan shown.


How long from Allaah you can remain

What all in pride and ignorance you gain.

Islam is the religion for all Race.

Pray to Allaah don’t turn your face. 


Allaah will bless your mind and soul

Allaah will guide you to the true goal.

Allaah created you from dust, flesh and bone

Made His signs to you known.


Now and now decide Islam is the only Way.

Say: Allaah, the Last Day, the Angels,

The Book, the Messengers I believe.


(The End)





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