Islamic Poems

Iqbal's Vision of Life

From Khizr-e-Raah (Translated by Anwar Hussein Suleman)

Realize my friend

That the cup of life

Becomes richer and riper,

Firmer and stronger,

Only in movement;

In this and this alone,

If only thou wouldst see,

Lies the great secret

Of Eternal Life.

Life, my friend, is something

Higher than a mere measuring

Of losses and gains.

Often times life demands of the soul

A supreme assertion and a self-expression

Defying the heaviest odds:

But quite as often it

Simply means the complete

And full surrender

Of that soul.

To visualise life, therefore,

Only in terms of today

And tomorrow is wrong:

For life is a constant forward

Urge – eternal, ever fresh,

Ever young and ever free.

If thou be alive, my friend,

Then make thine own world:

Man indeed, if only he knew,

Is the mystic symbol of

The creation of the universe:

Be, and it becomes.

(The End)





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