Islamic Poems

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)

By Haji Tahseen-ur-Rahman


I am proud to be a Muslim,

A Muslim I’ll always be,

A follower of God’s last Prophet,

Whom my heart so yearns to see.

My Prophet’s name is Muhammad,

Upon whom ;be Peace and Blessing.

He was also known as Ahmad,

About this I am not guessing.

Amid the heathen Arabs,

In Holy Makkah he was born,

Like a Star in the darkness

Our Holy Prophet shone.

His father’s name was Abdullah,

Who died before his birth.

His mother’s name was Aamina,

A lady of great worth.

When he was six his mother died,

Alas, a sad blow to his heart,

To be fatherless and motherless,

At such an early start.

He was now in the grandfather’s care,

Whose name was Abdul Mutallib,

After whose death he finally lived,

With his uncle Abu Talib.

He was now in the grandfather’s care,

Whose name was Abdul Mutallib,

After whose death he finally lived,

With is uncle Abu Talib.

Among the hills of Makkah

He grew up bright and strong,

With children of his own age,

Who knew not right from wrong.

From early youth has brilliance shone,

Both in action and in deed,

He taught the Arabs how to live,

For they had no behaviour nor creed.

There was a fair lady in the land,

Bee-bee Khadijah by name,

She heard about this noble lad,

Who rose to glorious fame.

She was a pious lady,

Though wealth she had aplenty,

She took him to her employ,

When he was over twenty.

She admired him in every way,

As in brilliance he did strive,

And offered her hand in marriage,

When he was twenty-five.

They lived together happily,

For they were both so pure.

They had belief in one God,

Him Alone did they adore.


In cave of Hira did he go,

On many an occasion,

When one Blessed Night at forty,

God sent him Revelation.

To him did Angel Jibreel speak,

In Qur'aanic Recitation,

With trembling heart to his wife he went,

Who gave him consolation.

One breath she did not hesitate,

As she had clearly understood,

That God had chosen him to be,

Exalted to Prophethood.

At first he preached in quiet ways,

Among his ones most dear,

Then later on spoke openly,

As for man he had no fear.

The Makkans were then so much used,

To live in war and strife,

That they were not inclined to like,

The peaceful Godly life.

In persecution he did preach,

The Islamic Code of Law,

But day by day his toil was blessed,

With followers more and more.

Amongst the first believers were,

The ones who loved him dearly,

Bee-bee Khadijah, Abu Bakr,

And an eight-year lad named Ali.

For many years the angel spoke,

To him in revelation,

Twenty-three years in all it took,

To come to a completion.

At fifty-three he did migrate,

To another Holy City,

As the Makkans were to him so fierce

For them I do have pity.

His new home known as Madinah,

Was formerly called Yathrib,

Along with him was Abu Bakr,

And Ali, son of Abu Talib.

The people here were very kind,

To him and his companions,

As against the cruel Makkans

Who had hearts as fierce as lions.


The Makkans though so far away,

Were bitter to the core,

They formed a powerful army,

And started off for war.

Our Prophet who was very wise,

Learned of their evil plan,

He too prepared for battle,

To defend our religion.

The Muslim army though much less,

Were not afraid to fight,

They put their trust in Allaah,

And fought with all their might.

Many a battle had been fought,

And many a slider died,

But the Muslims were victorious,

With our Prophet at their side.

The Muslims marched to Makka

In magnificent splendour,

The Makkans were now powerless,

At last they did surrender.

The Makkans were now much ashamed,

At their unfortunate plight,

They thought our Holy Prophet came,

To revenge with all his might.

But our Prophet offered them,

His love and his forgiveness,

They then accepted Islam,

The way to Eternal Happiness.

The life in Arabia was now changed,

From darkness into light,

The Message of Islam spreading fast,

With the many idols out of sight.

During his life the Message crossed,

The borders of Arabia,

To Egypt, Iraq, Syria,

And on to Abyssinia.

Alas, the sad moment was at hand,

When at sixty-three he died,

But his spirit dwelled in all the hearts,

Of his followers scattered far and wide.

Around the world the Message went,

From East to West, from North to South,

Today you’ll find our Muslim friends,

One thousand million, thereabout.

I’m proud to be a Muslim,

And this I’ll always be,

Follower of God’s last Prophet,

Whom my heart so yearns to see.


(The End)





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