Islamic Poems

The Sun Of Mustapha's Prophethood


The Sun of Prophethood

Rose with Adam on earth's horizon

Dispelling the darkness of the night, it decline

Again it appeared in the majestic figure of Noah,

The second father of mankind.

A little higher did it go but not so high

As to light the remotest corner of the earth.


Abraham, Isaac, Ismail, Jacob and the tribes

With such worthy names it lit the hearts of men.

With Moses Tree of Spiritual Life strengthened:

With Jesus Christ it put on buds and blossoms.


Greater heat and light were needed like those of Midday Sun

To bring the tree to ripeness and fruition.

On April Twenty, five hundred seventy one,

The Sun of Prophethood rose to reach its midday glory.

In the house of the Lady of Peace he cast his nascent light,

Bright, dazzling, rich and sharp, never to fade or fluch.


The Sun of Mustapha's Prophethood ripened the Tree of Life.

From Mustapha the light of Faith

Travelled from man to man,

From town to town, from land to land,

Till East and West were brightened.



(The End)





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