Islamic Poems


By Ameena, an English Lady

Allaah, let there be light

To guide us on our way;

Leave us not in the dark,

Allaah, Allaah, today.


There are so many paths,

Many a diverse way –

Confound not our steps,

Let us see light today.


When with an aching heart

We wander from Thy fold,

Let us remember still

Thy love that never grows cold.


Show us Thy guiding hand,

Where’er two roads cross;

Working for Thee is gain,

Without Thee is but loss.


Allaah – oh!  leave us not,

Lord of our night and day;

Allaah –forsake us not

Though we yet go astray.


Oh! Let us know Thee near,

Even when most alone;

Show us Thy glorious Light

In every country and zone.


Let us Thy presence feel,

Even when most forlorn;

From darkness lead us on

Into the radiant morn.


Thus on from day to day,

From week and month and year,

So shall we know and feel

That Thou art ever near.


(The End)





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