Islamic Poems

An Islamic Hymn

by Sir Nizamat Jung

Unseen, All-seeing Lord of all,

Eternal, Increate!

Thy Will make worlds rise and fall,

Thy thought unknown is Fate;

Creator Thou of heaven and earth,

Lord of Eternity.


All life alone from Thee has birth,

All life returns to Thee.

Thou wast, Thou art, and Thou shall be,

And when Thy work began

From nothing to infinity,

From formless clay to Man.

Atoms of dust, we are made whole

And quickened by Thy Breath.

Yea, Thou dost breathe a breathless soul into the heart of Death.


All-seeing and All-knowing Thou,

Master of Morn and Night:

Guide us on Thy Way, even now

From Darkness unto Light!


Our life on earth is idle sport,

A year, a month, a day.

Thou art our refuge, our resort when all shall pass away.

The hidden and the manifest

Alike are known to Thee:

All acts, all thoughts within man's breast, of sin or probity

Thou guidest with a Master's care.


If man but understood,

His soul from that which seemeth fair

To ever-lasting good.

We praise Thee, and obey.

Lord of the world! All life is Thine,

And Thine the Judgment Day.

O lead us to the Path of Right:

Guide us along the way

Of those on whom Thy Grace and Light,

And not of those who stray.


(The End)





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