Islamic Poems

Call To Humanity

by Q. M. Sayeed

Thine hour is drawing nigh

O world of sensuous pleasure!

Thine sands are nearly run

As all things have a measure.


The primrose paths of vice,

The thorny paths of virtue,

May soon be tread no more

By wicked souls and true.


With atom bomb and nuclear force.

O man! Thou hast attained

The climax of temporal joy

With soul and consience stained.


The Mighty Lord Who shaped the world

Is keeping watchful eye

On human acts and human speech

And human rebels' cry.


Domain belongs to Him Who made

The earth, the sky, the sea.

But faithless man with shallow wit

Bethinks the master is he.


The fall of man of Atomic Age

The sages all predict.

But men of faith and moral bliss

Will not become convict.


This heartless, maniac, frightened world

Is thirsty, parched, and dry.

The nectar of Islamic faith

It dreads and fears to try.


The war cry is loud and high,

And restless human hearts

Crave for perfect peace and calm,

Islam alone imparts.


The Muslims, so-called faithful ones

Alas! Their shameless deeds present

A false portrait of Faith in God

Which faithful, God-fearing resent.


Courage, trust in God and wield

The sword of moral loftiness.

Behead the demon-beast in you,

And meet Thy Lord in saintliness.


Repent, repent, repent, repent, repent!

The beastly life is not fot those

Whose solemn pledge with God has been

To live on earth with Angelic pose.


(The End)





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