Islamic Poems

Bless Me Thy Love - Almighty God!

by A. Rauf Luther

Sweetest hope and biting fear!

Echoes in the sky I hear.

And the angels look at me,

Why I knock the door to Thee?


I am earthy and no pious,

I am full of grid and bias,

And my wires broken, dusty,

All my plates are filthy, rusty.


But my feeling so revolted,

Singing, soaring it ascended.

On the Wings of Love and Grace,

The World beyond all Time and Space.


I did know not how to flutter,

Nor I held a word to utter.

But, I repented for my sin,

And severed all my kith and kin.


Now, I have come, the cause is Fire*.

I shall never now retire.

I am creature, Thou my Lord,

Bless me Thy Love, Almighty God!


(The End)


     (*) - Fire of Love





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