Islamic Poems

Lesson For Children

by A. Rauf Luther

Be good always and mild,

Be merciful and mild.

Be pious, true and trusty,

Be gentle, kind and worthy.


Be sweet and sure in tongue,

Be happy with His Hymn.


Be not in love with gold,

Be righteous, brave and bold.


Be not a fool to ride,

On anger, lust and pride.


Be gentle when they speak,

Vengeance you should not wreak.


Be silent when they speak,

When needed be not meek.


Be steady, slow and sure,

And lead your life in prayer.

Be helper with your Light

To all, towards the Right.


Be faithful to your friend,

And wrongs to others mend.


Then Allaah's Benediction

Will come to you from Heaven.


(The End)





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