Islamic Poems

The Soul That Craves To Soar

by A. Rauf Luther

(The Sparrow represents the soul)


Singing sweetest songs, O Sparrow!

You, of Pleasure, Woes or Sorrow?

But amusing young and old,

In jewelled-studded Cage of gold.

You are in the Paradise of earthly standard.


Look, as if you are in Heaven,

Feeding you are one eleven,

Almonds, lovely juicy fruit,

You may never get them out

Of the cage which is so Beautiful, Splendid.


Are you dreaming of your home?

Do you wish to freely roam

In the gaity atmosphere

Where the kith and kin adhere

In the nest with hay and straws blended?


Is it a prison that you feel?

Hawks will never dare to steal.

Fears in this cage are none.

Parted you are all alone?

That may be the reason, for you seem so wondered.


"If I were to live in cage",

Tiny Sparrow spoke in rage,

"On my wings He blessed why?

Were they not for me to fly

Freely in the sky? Not to be surrender."


(The End)





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