Islamic Poems

Return! Return! Sweet Madness!

by Q. M. Saeed

Return, return, sweet madness!

Return O Selfless joy.

Thou art the fragrance of my heart's rose-petals.

Thou art the life of my Spirit.


Hearken O hear! Sweet madness speaks

And tells of the Secret of Love,-

Of love of heart and not of flesh,-

Of Fire and not of Smoke.


Sweet love of Lord is secret dear

With men of heart and angelic Peace.

No worldly care can rob their hearts,

No flesh, no blood, no face may dare.


But, what is it which keeps the heart

Benumbed and lifeless near?

And then the heart pulsates with Life*

And soars to heavenly heights.


Haven't thou seen that every night

The bride apparel in gold and light

Smiles and sighs, and sighs and smiles

To lure attention of the Bridegroom?


Ablute thy form at fountain pure,

And wash thy heart with care Divine.

And dress thy soul with peace and light,

And learn to play the Bride.


The Friend may chose to look at thee.

Yet He may not so chose.

The choice is His , and thou -

With all thy piety, art humble suppliant of His Love.


(The End)


      (*) - Super-Human Life





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