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O! Thou wanderer in the wilderness of the world

See the graveyards that lie about thee,

Realise the truth, that life passes,

And be not heedless, as drunkards are

Under tombstones and in mausoleums sleep

Thousands that blossomed like the rose,

And wasted precious days

In mad pursuit of pleasure.

They, too, were unwearing

Planning for Profit and Pastime,

And attainment of perpetual enjoyment,

Completely forgetful of the future.

They too, ardently desired;

Greatness and Jewelled diadems;

They feasted on dainty dishes

And drank from goblets of silver and gold.

They nursed in the soil of their hearts

The seed of Earthly pleasures,

Gathering in their Earthly homes

All the treasures of the Earth.

My acts and deeds and weary work

Gathered for me no grace;

From friends and family came no help;

My hoarded wealth afforded no relief.

I now shed tears of repentance,

And lament over my deed.

Take warning from me

And work while there is still time.

The bird of the soul will take wing

And leave the body untenanted.

Grass will grow over the grave,

And perchance a flower unfold.


(The End)





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