Islamic Poems

The Holy Prophet's Birth

By Anonymous

Today is a day for prayer and happiness.

No cloud should darken our sky with any distress.

This is the day on which many, many years ago,

While sin and corruption on the earth roamed to and fro’.


That great and mighty one was born, the Beloved of God;

He who the path of righteousness and honour always trod.

MUHAMMAD - ah! How that grand, well-loved word,

Seems to speak of justice and honour before unheard.


This is the day on which he into this world was born;

He, the Star of the East, who to kill idolatry has sworn.

Every-day of the sacred and trustworthy life

Was spent in teaching Islam, even in war and strife.


For his faith he bore all his hardships with a smile.

He was a gentle and just man, without any guile.

To God was his desire to lead all the world,

So let us do honour to him who the true faith unfurl’d.


All hail! Glorious anniversary of our Prophet’s birthday.

Let us be happy and with thankfulness let us pray.

Let us thank our Merciful and Compassionate God

For sending us a Prophet to show us the Way to God.


On this day let us resolve in our heart

To try and be a true Muslim in every part;

Let us try to be worthy to be a slave of Allaah,

And let us try and follow in the steps of the Prophet of Allaah.


(The End)





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