Islamic Poems

The Miracles of Allah's Apostle

By Sulayman Chelebi (Translated by F. Layman McCallum)

Oft heard he then a great voice cry: “O Faithful,

Thee have I made to be the world’s sure Mercy!”


By verse and verse came down the sacred Qur’aan,

While miracles most passing strange were witnessed.


Know first that never did that sacred body

Cast shadow on the earth, not e’en at noonday.


That night the Makkan chiefs, men pure and guileless,

While circling round the Ka’aba, deep in worship,


Beheld the shrine in homage bow its summit,

And right itself again, not one stone missing.


At this each noble chief his neighbour greeted,.

Crying: “The Welfare of Mankind is with us!”

And how the Ka’aba spoke with voice of triumph;

“To-night is born the Sun, who all men lighteth.


“From idols and all blasphemy he’ll cleanse me,

“And save from those who hold that God hath partners.


“Henceforth his people, pure of heart and lowly,

“Round me will march barefoot, with heads uncovered!”


That night the Prophet’s thund’rous drums resounded,

Satan that night from heaven was ejected;


In shrine and temple dashed were god and painting,

While ‘neath God’s scourge the sons of wrath were faiting.


If from Hell’s flame you hope to find salvation,

With love and greeting repeat the salutation:

Blessing and Greeting upon thee, O Apostle of Allaah!


The Glory of the World, when he was forty,

Assumed the crown of prophecy, mysterious.


From head to foot his frame was light in essence,

And sure it is that light has not a shadow.


Above that noble head there hung unfailing, 

 A fragment sent from heav’n to shield him.


Its shadow cooled the burning heats of summer,

And where he moved, the cloud to him was faithful.


The miracles his eyes displayed are many;

Attend, while I recount these blessed marvels.


Whate’er those eyes might see before them lying,

Could they behold as clear when left behind him.


When Gabriel brought down a revelation,

The very instant when from heav’n he parted.

On earth his scent would fill the Prophet’s nostrils,

Who waited then with joy the coming message.


Those glorious lips had but to quiver faintly,

And lo, the sun with all his train would tremble.


When winds of dawn about his head played lightly,

 filled their eddies.


By night his pearly teeth so brightly glittered,

Lost needles by that light might be recovered.


His breast poured forth a light by which his comrades

Through darkest night could walk the path of safety.


The Friend of God in twain the moon divided,

Though he but gestured towards it with his finger.


The Ruler of the World would oft plant palm-trees,

And pluck the honeyed fruit within the hour.


This tale might be till Judgment Day extended –

Yea, more such Days might fall ere it were ended.


If from Hell’s flame you hope to find salvation,

With love and zeal repeat the salutation:

 Blessing and Greeting upon thee, O Apostle of Allaah!

Blessing and Greeting upon thee, O Yaa Hameed -  Oh The Ever Praiseworthy

Beloved of Allaah!


(The End)





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